Premarital Counseling

Make the time to improve your relationship dynamics and interpersonal skills as you get ready to take this next big step in your life. Many of our CareNet centers help couples better equip themselves with the tools and skills they need to build, nurture and maintain enduring relationships. This type of counseling is a proven way to help couples build a strong foundation for a healthy marriage through learning new skills, such as strengthening communication, understanding and intimacy.

Why Couples Counseling Before Marriage?

  1. Premarital counseling gives couples the opportunity to learn more about one another, to build better communication and problem-solving skills, and identify any expectations that may not have been.

  2. Counseling provides the benefit of an outside perspective on your relationship, with your therapist able to share observations and offer insight into areas where additional exploration and discovery would benefit you both.

  3. Premarital counseling often allows couples uncover issues so that common ground can be established to help prevent such issues from turning into major obstacles in marriage.

  4. This type of counseling enables couples to address any significant issues that may surface in a safe and neutral environment with the support and guidance of a CareNet therapist.

Note: Not all services are available at all locations. Please contact your local CareNet center to confirm counselor and program availability.

Taking time out of my life for premarital counseling with a wedding to plan seemed like the last thing I really wanted to do. But since lots of my friends had done it, we decided we should, too. Looking back now, I realize how much it helped us deal with the challenges of being newlyweds and growing as couple. I’m so thankful we made the time!”

– Jenny L., Grateful Client